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Roo-F1 Aussiedoodle. GORGEOUS girl 🥰. One of our families brought home a goldendoodle last week and came back for an aussiedoodle brother this week. Sometimes one isn’t enough!! 💕 💕 💕. Select HERE for WAITING LIST FOR SPRING 2020 MINI AUSSIEDOODLE LITTERS! PRICE: $2,000.00 Check out our About Discounts page to be sure you are getting the best price! Puppies from EMBER F1 Miniature Aussidoodle – Dam and BRICKS AKC Miniature Red Brindle Poodle – Sire: Select HERE for info about Hope Hill Doodles “EMBER” Dam. Aussiedoodle and mini Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale. Although River has just one litter a year of F1 Aussiedoodles, and Blade has a yearly litter of F1b Aussiedoodles, Crockett Doodles has partnered with a couple other family friends to each do a home raised litter a year, so that we can offer a few litters a year of mini Aussiedoodles, F1. Cooper- Blue Merle F1 Aussiedoodle Cottonwood Creek Doodles: Utah Aussiedoodle & Bernedoodle breeder. The Aussiedoodle is a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Standard Poodle. F1b Aussiedoodle = PoodleF1 Aussiedoodle. In this case, you will get non-shedding puppies and mostly people having mild allergies remain unaffected. In other words, the resulting puppy will resemble a cross dog between the parents. Appearance. They are mostly seen in.

This Mini F1 Aussiedoodle litter is between Molly and Concho, they had 8 puppies in all in our last litter. Their last litter was nothing short of amazing! You can see the puppies pictures here! The Sire of this litter is a champion Toy Australian Shepherd, for more info on this little guy please contact me. F1 Standard Aussiedoodle puppies that were born the evening of January 15, 2020. She had a beautiful mix of 4 boys and 3 girls. This litter is named with a 'Winter' theme. Click on each puppy's picture to see more information. Aussiedoodle Generations Explained F1 Generation This is a result of the breeding of two purebred dogs. Half of each dog is the mother’s breed, and the other half is the father’s breed. F1’s are low to non-shedding puppies. F1’s are generally healthier than both parent dogs.

29/06/36 · Dreamydoodles Northwest ® breeds premium Labradoodles and Aussidoodle Puppies. We test our parent dogs for genetic health issues which include CERFeyes, OFA hips and elbows and heart. We don. 25/07/40 · When you get a F1 AussieDoodle, you can be assured there is no "in-breeding" or "line breeding" in your puppy, and you will get the best of both dogs, both. Aussiedoodle puppies born October 2019. F1 Aussiedoodle Puppies The Aussiedoodle is an intelligent, active dog with an even disposition; they are good natured, seldom quarrelsome. They may be somewhat reserved in initial meetings.

We can’t speak for every AussieDoodle our there, but our families who have allergies, tell us their F1 AussieDoodle sheds very little and they have no allergic reactions. The AussieDoodle aka AussiePoo is an Australian shepherd and poodle mix or cross breed. Short haired dogs are usually the worst with shedding and dander. The Smith Family raises F1 Aussiedoodles. The first F1 generation Aussiedoodle, is a 50% Australian Shepherd and 50% Poodle. The Aussiedoodle is considered low to non-shedding, and therefore may not be for a severe allergy sufferer however, a person with mild to moderate allergies should not have any problem with an Aussiedoodle. F1B Aussiedoodle F1 Aussiedoodle x Standard Poodle The F1B Aussiedoodle usually has a wavy to curly coat and are the least likely to shed out of the two, F1Bs are reccomended for those with mild pet allergies. THIRD GENERATION. F2B Aussiedoodle F1 Aussiedoodle x F1B Aussiedoodle They can have either wavy or curly coats.

Aussiedoodles Michigan. 2,055 likes · 3 talking about this · 12 were here. F1 Aussiedoodles raised with TLC and a lot of attention. They are born in the house and then move at 4 weeks old to kennel. 07/05/41 · MTBMM1 This very traditional blue merle male with copper, he is strikingly handsome. This litter is an F1 meaning it is a first cross with mom being a full black tri large miniature Australian Shepherd, dad is a blue merle moyen Poodle. The puppies are 50% each breed. Both parents have great temperaments, good personalities, are calm intelligent, easy going dogs. 13/12/36 · Crossbred dogs and designer dogs are often referred to as F1, F2, or F3, or even F1b or F2b. It is just the accepted nomenclature in which we can distinguish hybrid dog breeds between the different generations.This naming standard in here applies for dogs, designer dog breeds, hybrids, and mixes, but it is also commonly and scientifically applied to cats, cattle, plants, and most living. An F1 Aussiedoodle is the cross between our mini Australian Shepherd and our Klein poodle. We have selected our dam and sire to ensure that the puppies will maintain the “mini” size when they are full grown. F1 Aussiedoodles will be low to no shedding.

F1 Aussiedoodles raised with TLC and a lot of attention. They are born in the house and then move at 4 weeks old to kennel area with a huge play area. Vaccines at 6.5 weeks old and ready at 7 to 8 weeks old. Shipping available for an extra. 989-553-2482. CKC Blue Merle Aussiedoodle F1 Puppies. All males & most have solid blue eyes or partial blue eyes. Born November 14th and will be ready January 9th. They will be UTD on shots & deworming. They will have a Vet wellness check, record book, CKC registration form &. The best cross is the F1 cross, which is a 50 50 cross which creates a Hybrid Vigor a healthier dog that lives longer with less genetics faults. There are other crosses of the Aussiedoodle such as the F1B which is 3/4's Poodle 1/4 Aussie however we currently only breed the F1 cross. About the Aussiedoodle The Aussiedoodle is a hybrid dog that is made up of a combination of two different purebreeds. It’s a cross between the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle. One of the best methods for understanding the characteristics of the Aussiedoodle, is to read both of its ancestors descriptions; taking note of their temperaments, []. “The breed of Aussiedoodle is said to be the doggy “Einsteins” due to their great intelligence.” The litters of Aussiedoodles are 50% Standard poodle and 50% Australian shepherd. The dad, Boston pictured above is a miniature red tri Australian Shepherd with dual registration - CKC &.

Mini Aussiedoodles are a great choice for people who love the personality of Aussies but can’t have one due to their excessive shedding. The combination of these two breeds makes an exceptionally intelligent, loyal and athletic companion with very low shedding. Currently we are only breeding F1 Aussiedoodles. Image courtesy of Cottonwood Creek Doodles. The size of a dog is an important consideration. Purebreds have breed standards, which give you a fairly accurate idea of how big a dog will be when it’s fully grown.But if you’re looking at getting a cross-breed, like an Aussiedoodle. We breed both Toy and Mini Aussiedoodles that are first generation cross from purebred Poodles and Toy or Miniature Australian Shepherds. The first cross of our purebred dogs is called an F1, meaning it's 50% Aussie, and 50% Poodle. Which produces the best of both breeds and also has the least amount of health problems.

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